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Long held as a best-kept secret in a tight knit Northwest Arkansas music scene, Darren Ray has delivered on his reputation once again as a world-class vocalist whose very presence in anything but the big time is still baffling. Cutting the cords in this latest effort, the Acoustic Sessions, Darren Ray offers us a well-produced package of his life experiences singing, performing, living and breathing the air in his beloved home state. If honesty has a voice, it would be a raspy one delivered from deep down in a soul like Darren's. The Acoustic Sessions is so pure and clear in message and application giving the listener the sensation that Darren Ray is sitting on a creaky wooden stool just inches from you. A right-in-your-face performance that helps you understand his musical journey in an intimate way. There is no mistaking his kindness and sincerity in the music. And with a voice as powerful and genuine as his, you feel like you know him. Like you have heard him before...somewhere. That one time in that Smoke Filled Bar he references. You know the Lucky Man he refers to...the lonely road between Tulsa and Fayetteville...the blues you got when you had to pay your taxes. And if you didn't believe the politicians when they said A Change is Gonna Come...you believe Darren Ray. With his guitar, a melody, and an undisguised voice, the Acoustic Sessions is a fresh perspective on the simple-ness of life. --Stephen Boudreaux, Fort Smith, AR USA.


Darren Ray's new CD " 3" is a great new compilation of songs and styles sure to catch attention "You will want to listen to it over and over." STB
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Guitar Man and 3 were recorded and produced by Mike Bailey. http://www.dreammakersproductions.net/


Performing music has been the center of Darren Ray’s life for as long as he can remember. “My Grandma said when I was really little I’d stand behind the living room curtains, then jump out and start singing -- right when the vocals came in -- to the music on the stereo,” recalls Darren, a life long, full time musician who performs over 250 shows a year. “I still remember my folks listening to Ray Charles, The Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival and a variety of different country artists.” Born in Texas and raised in Northwest Arkansas, Darren joined the choir when he started elementary school and remained a member throughout his school years. Performing madrigals in junior high led to the High School Acappella Choir, which competed in the National Championships and won for two consecutive years under the direction of Don Wright. Darren competed in every talent show he could enter. When he was in the ninth grade, his dad took him to a pawn shop where they traded his dirt bike for a bass guitar and amp and Darren’s been playing the bass ever since. He played bass in the school orchestra for a year but grew bored with trying to read music...preferring to listen to songs and play them by ear. Instead, he played his bass and sang in a variety of rock bands through-out his teens. After graduation and playing in several different bands, Darren landed a gig playing bass with The Great Southern Railroad -- a southern rock band which had a development deal with Geffen Records and a publishing deal with Almo-Irving Music. Based in Arkansas, The Great Southern Railroad toured all over the south for six years. The band showcased for every major record label, they ultimately split-up in Augusta, Georgia in the early 90's before ever signing a recording contract. Darren moved back home to Arkansas where he and a few of the original members of The Great Southern Railroad joined-up with musicians Jeff Cease (Black Crowes) and Doug Huffman (Boston) to form a new band. Taking the name Arkansas, the band performed at concerts with Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bad Company, the Doobie Brothers and numerous others. When Arkansas called it quits, Darren recorded his first solo CD, Borrowed Time. “I’ve been playing solo acoustic gigs ever since,” says Darren, who later released a second solo album, Guitar Man. “I also have a three piece band called Big Bad Bubba,” he continues. “We’ve been traveling and performing for over a decade -- we also have a CD: Big Bad Bubba Unleashed.” He has received multiple awards for male vocalist, songwriter, and album of the year from the Ozark Music Awards (OMA) and the Northwest Arkansas Music Awards (NAMA). Darren recently completed a third solo CD, Darren Ray 3. Saturated with soulful vocals, infectious melodies and genuine lyrics, Darren Ray 3 shines with the seasoned resonance that can only be obtained by years of performing. Darren's CD's can be purchased at his shows and also at: Sound Warehouse, Hastings, and online at cdbaby.com

Darren has performed with many great talents:

Bad Company, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Doobie Brothers, Tesla, Marshall Tucker Band, Leon Russell, Ian Moore, Nazareth, Blue Oyster Cult, Paul Rodgers, Molly Hatchet, Night Ranger, Foghat, America, Pat Green, Brian White, Steppenwolf, Pat Travers, Chicago, Eddie Money, Little River Band, Creedence Clearwater Revisited, Three Dog Night, Foreigner and many others!

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"As a radio executive for the past 20 years, I’ve had the good fortune to witness many of the greatest artists across all genres and formats. As a musician and songwriter, Darren Ray rates among the best. Immediately upon listening to Darren’s music, it is so apparent that it resonates directly from his soul. Whenever we host a function that requires entertainment, it is crucial that the talent reflects the quality of our company, my first call is always to Darren.” ----Tony Beringer ----Regional Vice President Clear Channel Radio

"It's rare to get a CD and actually enjoy every song but this is what happened when I plugged in "Darren Ray 3" The vocals, lyrics and musicianship were top notch and if you are a true music lover this CD is a "must have" for your collection!" ~Laura Logan - J & L Management